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Viking Kayaks

Performance meets agility in our line of Viking Kayaks. Tired of paddling fishing kayaks built like your grandma's bathtub? These kayaks are the latest in design and performance on the water. Designed by New Zealand native, Grant Montague, these kayaks know how to live on big water and catch big fish!

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With over ten custom annual designs constantly being added to, our one of a kind t-shirts, hoodies, shorts and sweatpants scream Warsaw pride and illustrate your love of the outdoors.

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There is no better place to pick up your Warsaw, MO souvenirs than an adventure shop with Warsaw in the name! Mugs, water bottles, shot glasses, magnets, stickers and more! Don't forget all those back home wishing they could have traveled with you, Stop in and give them a taste of the adventure.

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HooDoo Kayaks

HooDoo is our recommendation for both relaxing play, and purpose built, dual drive fishing. With choices of fin or propeller pedal drives or small cove play boats, Hoodoo has you covered.

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Disc Golf

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of both Dynamic disc and MVP Disc, disc golf supplies and plan to grow this sport in the area. Check out our selection of Dynamic, Latitude, and Westside discs, bags, and accessories.

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New in 2022! YOLO (You Only Live Once) paddle boards bring art and water together with their line of impossibly beautiful boards. Our selection is designed for the beginner to intermediate. You will never tire of the ever changing designs and feeling of freedom when you step onto your limited edition board.

For Sale in Store


From Beginner to performance competition Our line of Paddles, balls, bags, and gear will get you playing and keep you playing better than your opponents.

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