Just For Fun Meetups

NEW events for everyone!

It's always better with friends! Meetups are a great way to connect with others who enjoy the same things you do. Warsaw Adventures Meetups are focused on just getting outside on the trail and on the water. We want to meet people in our community and maybe introduce new folks to the sports as well. Groups help push you further, train you better, and provide confidence to try new things. Come learn or build your skills with us.

If you have your own kayak/paddleboard simply come join us for FREE, no registration is required. If you need to rent equipment, click below to register for the event and we will bring all the equipment for you to use! We want as many people to join as possible so bring your friends. 


This is not a guided event (although Luke can't be quiet on a field trip) so you don't have to stay with the group if you need to stretch your legs, spread your wings, or wet your flippers and chase speed. Paddle or pedal at your own pace and just enjoy the fellowship of others around you doing the same.

We will be leaving the designated launch area at or around the listed time so it is advised you show up a little early to prepare your gear prior to departure. 


April 23     4:00pm Truman State Park Marina

May 18     6:00pm Drake  Harbor

June  15     6:30pm Sterett Creek Marina

Aug  24     6:00pm Drake  Harbor

Sep. 24     4:00pm Sterett Creek Marina

Oct. 8       4:00pm Truman State Park Marina 


No experience is necessary. Our sit-on-top rental kayaks, stable paddleboards, and relaxed cruiser-style bikes are designed for beginner and experienced adventurers alike and come with professional instruction, as needed. You should show up about 15 minutes early to any event to get your included gear and safety equipment. 

Rental equipment is limited so make your plans today! Click here to reserve


Please bring water for drinking and wear appropriate clothing for the weather, a change of dry clothes is recommended when paddling.

Lifejackets, kayaks/paddleboards, paddles, bikes, and helmets are provided for all rentals. 

Paddle Sports Information

·All participants must have a signed waiver before participating in activity.
•Under 18 years of age, waiver must be signed by parent or guardian.


·Paddle Sport Age Requirements
• 0-2 years of age, paddle sports not recommended
• 3-10 years of age must ride in same water craft with an adult over 18 years of age.
• 11-18 years of age can paddle solo water craft, with adult over 18 in another boat on the water at same time.


·Life Jacket Requirements
• Under 7 years of age, Missouri requires life jacket to be worn.
• Over 7 years of age, Missouri requires life jacket to be on kayak
• All paddle boarders must wear life jacket regardless of age.